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Dear Future Jedi,


I'm Chetz Togom and I'm sure you’re here and reading this mostly because you want to make your dreams come true or you want to make the dreams of the ones you love come true.


No matter how long you’ve been working online, if you’re not yet established and making a full time income, get ready to kick start your online business (or revive it if you already have one) through my exclusive Jedi Master Online Coaching that is “out of this world” and which I truly believe you wouldn’t have experienced before from a very low ticket priced coaching program.


Are You Caught Up in the Bright Shiny Objects World?


Let me make this quick and be honest with you…


A lot of people will NEVER make any money online or EVER be successful in their online business WITHOUT any guidance from a coach or a MENTOR (Heck, even Luke who already had The Force with him needed Yoda to help him!).




It’s because there are so much information about making money online in the cyber space (or outside of the cyber space) and because of this, you’ll be infected by the “Information Overload Syndrome” where you’ll read and read and study and buy every courses (bright shiny objects) about making money online you can afford (or not, by using your credit card) BUT NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS.


Seven Years in Suffering


That was me for SEVEN YEARS. For seven freaking years I lived in Internet Marketing Zombie Land in which I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.


I was just chasing and swallowing information.


Even my best friend had lost faith in me and telling me that I was only living in my dreams and I should just wake up and focus on my JOB or get a “better job” (yeah as if that really exist in the real world eh?)


I REFUSED to give up on my Internet Lifestyle Dream.


I want to make it a REALITY.






At that point in my life I was dead broke.


Fortunately I came across an opportunity (just like this one), where I could be guided by a mentor for four weeks to establish a real successful online business and start making money and this coaching was at a crazy low price.


I had less than $20 in my PayPal account but I told myself, “This is it. I’m going to get this, take action and turn my life around!”




In JUST 4 WEEKS, I established my online presence, increased my traffic up to 700% and published my first book on Amazon Kindle and made my first $20 online in a day!

And just a week later after the end of the program I launched my SECOND Information Product!


So, Are You Going to Take Action and Turn Your Life Around NOW?


The thrill and excitement I got seeing the progress on my online business were beyond words.


Until this day I’m very grateful to my mentor and I’m glad that I took that opportunity when it presented itself.


But I know that it is very seldom we see this kind of opportunity.


Most High Level Coaching Programs are usually priced between $5,000 - $10,000, in which most people wouldn’t be able to afford it.


This Is The RIGHT Time…


I believe this is the perfect time for me to Give Back and help people who need a mentor and guidance to start their online business or improved their existing one without having to spend thousands of dollars.


People who are just like me when I started my online journey once before (confused, didn’t know where and how to start and couldn't afford thousands of dollars for coaching).


Furthermore, most of the time people underestimate themselves.


They are actually very capable of starting their own online business, but they just don't know where to start, like this lady, Marina Mustafa who is passionate about cooking.


With my guidance, she has built her website where people could purchase her book online.


And she built her website from scratch on herself in a very short time!

"Chetz Togom's Online Business Coaching works so wonderfully for me as it was simple, straight to the point and personal. It produced the results I only visualized in my head for years and I received such positive & encouraging response...I am at a good place now and am dreaming of bigger things. My only regret is that I did not get Chetz to help me earlier!"

~ Marina Mustafa @ http://www.MarinaMustafa.com

I'm so proud of her as she really did a great job on her website.


So here it is, my NEW….


I.M. Jedi Master Coaching Program


It is a 4 WEEK Coaching Program where every week I will guide you in establishing your business online, getting traffic, building a list of potential customers and creating your first product so that you can make your first dollar online.


Every week (for 4 weeks) you’ll not only get the information on how to build a real online business, you’ll also be given specific action steps for you to complete that week.


PLUS each week you’ll also be able to talk to me, to ask me any questions you have regarding establishing your online business.


When Will It Start?


This coaching program will start on July 14th, 2012 (Malaysia Time) where you will receive your login details to access a members-only area where you’ll get your first week material (video and pdf), action steps for that week plus the information on our LIVE coaching sessions where you can ask me anything regarding your tasks or challenges that you’re facing.


Now, if you’re really SERIOUS in establishing your online business and start your journey in making your first dollar online, below or somewhere on this page there is a “BUY NOW” button where you can INSTANTLY SECURE YOUR PLACE in this never before seen I.M. Jedi Master Coaching Program at an insanely low fee.


Instantly Secure Your Place for ONLY...




In this coaching program you will not only discover the EXACT steps that I’ve learned from my mentor to build a million dollar online empire but I will also share with you free or low cost tools to build an awesome online business.


Remember that when I was just started, I had NO MONEY so I had to find free tools to make my online business look awesome and professional.


Want to Save Your Time?


So, are you going to spend MORE of your PREVIOUS TIME figuring out what really works alone OR Take Action NOW and be on your way to a proven method of making money online?


It is Your Choice.


Don’t be like me where I wasted seven long years, suffering to make money online.


You have that OPPORTUNITY now.


It’s whether you TAKE it OR LEAVE it.


Secure Your Place now and you’ll also get the following…


Bonus # 1:


Suddenly I See video presentation to motivate and inspire you to take action and for you to see that YOU CAN also live the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Bonus # 2:


Get access to my Jedi Wisdom Vault where you can get and download more information on making money online and achieving success and happiness in life that you’ve always wanted.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I plan to open this coaching for only 200 people at this moment.


And to be honest with you, the money that I’ll get from this coaching is to buy a plane ticket for my best friend so she can work towards her dream too.


She’s been supporting my dreams (although she doesn't believe in Internet Marketing) and other people's dreams all this while.

Her father just passed away recently and giving her the opportunity to kick start her life again would be nice.

So, this is also one of the reasons why I want to make sure that you’ll to be blown away by this course because I want to continue providing values online so I can continue making my dreams come true and also making other people's dreams come true.

It’s really a great feeling.


Still sitting on the fence and not sure whether you should get in or not?


30 Day Money Back Guarantee


I know how you feel.


I want to give you a complete control where if for any reasons you’re not satisfied or not HAPPY with my program, just ask for your money back within the next 30 days and I will send 100% of your money back to you.


See, you have nothing to lose here except the chance to finally make your dreams come true.


Will You Take That Chance?


If your answer is YES, click the “BUY NOW” button to secure you place RIGHT AWAY.


For Only



Or if you’re from Malaysia and want to buy through bank transfer, you can buy the book by just transferring/deposit RM50.00 to one of the following accounts.

Step 1. Deposit/transfer RM50 to…

Bank: Maybank

Account No: 152116087900
Account Type: Savings
Name: Maznah Mohd Yusof


Bank: Public Bank

Account No: 4533067113
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Name: Maznah Mohd Yusof

Step 2. Email your payment details to chetztogom[at]yahoo.com (replace [at] to @) AND sms me at 017 381 8292.

Send me the following details…

1. Your name

2. Email
3. Phone number
4. Which bank you deposit/transfer to (Maybank/Public Bank) and time the payment is made.

Hope to see you soon!


For Your Success,


Chetz Togom